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Since the establishment of Campro Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2003, the Campro team has been consistent in its commitment to quality; customer needs analysis, product development, product delivery and product usage; no detail of these stages is too small to escape our attention. By means of technological innovation, process improvement and customer empathy, we seek to perfectly meet the needs of our customers, boost user confidence and become the most trustworthy partner of our clients. This long-term stable relationship between us is comparable to the rapport between the pitcher and the catcher on the baseball field.

In view of the hastening pace of globalization and the increasingly high demands of customers, Campro has started to focus on the development and production of mid-range to high-end CNC machine tools in recent years, in the hope of playing the role of “the catcher”. Our years of experience have enabled us to accurately analyze and put into production the effects and characteristics of each machine tool model. From the quality of each spare part and accessory, to the stability, rigidity, precision, efficiency and reliability of the finished products, Campro carries out strict quality control to boost user confidence. In addition, we also provide excellent comprehensive after-sales service, ensuring that each and every production machine tool selected by our users is a winner.

Campro has produced approximately 10,000 machine tools of various kinds for more than 5000 customers worldwide since its establishment. Its machine tools are adopted by the world's leading factories in the high-end industries of 3C (computer, communication and consumer electronics), automotive, aerospace, water conservation, etc. At present, the repurchase rate of our global customers is close to 50%.The Company has maintained a double-digit annual growth rate in recent years; our customers have affirmed and acknowledged Campro’s manufacturing experience and professional manufacturing technology. We will devote ourselves wholeheartedly to the continual improvement of our manufacturing technology and innovative applications, and provide high-end CNC machine tools of the best quality in order to live up to customer expectations.

About The Brand
The logo for Campro comes from 2 capital letters in the alphabet - C and P which means Cam + Pro, C in blue and P in white. Campro logo shape idea was taken from Chinese calligraphy “a single pattern of movement” which represents the philosophy of Campro, “done at once, no drag the feet”.
Milltex is the second brand of Campro family, feature vertical machining center and bridge type collections. Campro along with Milltex are both mainly designed by Campro ourself.