CAMPRO 6

    The high rigid and heavy loading linear guideways with roller type precision bearing on 3 axes ensuring stability and accuracy in long time machining.

    • Constructed with FC300 cast iron. T-shape one piece base and dual wall column are designed with rigid construction.
    • Stepped beam is structured effectively reduces torque created by spindle stock and cutting force.
    • The transmission system employs class C3 precision ball screws on 3 axes and pre-tension in order to eliminate backlash and extension due to temperature increase.
    • Final laser inspection and ball bar testing ensure repeatability and positioning accuracy.
Standard accessories
10,000rpm Built-in motor spindle Spindle oil cooler
Coolant through spindle with filter Rigid tapping
Full-enclosed splash guard Spindle air blast system
Pre-tensioned ball screws on 3 axes Telescope cover on 3 axes
Air conditioner Chip conveyor
Auto pallet changer B-axis rotary table (1° index)
Oil skimmer Coolant gun
Chip flushing device (incl. top roof) Built-in dual chip screw
40T chain type tooling system Hydraulic system
Pneumatic system Automatic lubrication system
Optional accessories
6,000 rpm gear head spindle 10,000 rpm I.D.D. spindle
Linear and rotary scales B-axis rotary table - 0.001° index
60T / 90T chain type tooling system Oil-mist collector
Coolant through ballscrew center Oil-mist coolant system
Automatic tool length measurement Workpiece measurement
Transformer CE modification
X axis travel mm 1,000 (39.3")
Y axis travel mm 850 (33.4")
Z axis travel mm 950 (37.4")
Spindle nose to table center mm 150~1,100 (5.9" ~ 43.3")
Spindle center to table surface mm 100~950 (3.9" ~ 37.4")
Table dimension mm 630 × 630 (24.8" x 24.8")
Screw spec. type M16 × 2P
Index of pallet degree
Max. working range mm Ø1,050 × H1,000 (Ø41.3" x H39.3")
Max. loading weight kg 1,000 (2,204 lbs)
Spindle motor kw L: 15 / 22, H: 25 / 30
Spindle speed rpm 10,000
Spindle taper type 7/24 taper No.50
No. of tools - 40
Max. tool weight kg 20 (44 lbs)
Max. tool length mm 500 (19.6")
Max. tool diameter mm Ø120 (4.7")
Tool diameter (Adjacent empty) mm Ø240 (9.4")
Tool change time (Tool to Tool) sec. 3.5
Tool change time (Chip to Chip) sec. 7
Rapid feedrate (X/Y/Z) m/min 36 / 36 / 36 (1,417.3 / 1,417.3 / 1,417.3 ipm)
Cutting feedrate m/min 10,000 (393.7 ipm)
Floor plan (W×D) mm 7,135 × 5,068 (280" x 199")
Machine weight kg 24,000 (52,910 lbs)
Max. machine hight mm 3,550 (139")
Power capacity KVA 60
CAMPO reserves the right to modify the specifications without further notice.