CAMPRO develops a proprietary system combined with precision tooling/material cabinet to assist customers in managing and analysing tooling/material usage, 24 hours to get tools or materials and early-warning or alert notifications.

    • Interface optimization / Easy step of replenishment
    • Our system can provide 24 hours supply service.
    • Connect with Database Management - System / low safety stock / reorder prompt.
    • Use the Database Management system to record the tooling for recycling.
    • The prognosis system can collect the big data and perform analysis immediately.
    • The system can accurately control inven- tory status and show amount in real time.
Standard accessories
WxHxD:600 x 2057 x 1060 mm Dynamic Load (kg):1022.73kg
Single-phase Power Supply (volt):110 - 220V Maximin Tool Storage (piece):1000 - 2000
Maximin Loading Per Lane (kg):3.5kg 3-lan Layers (number of layer):20
CAMPRO IIoT Integration:Include EXCEL File Output:Include
Touch Screen:22’’
Optional accessories
UPS and Voltage Stabilizer ID Login
Surveillance Camera 3-lan Layer Upgrade To 5-lane Layer
Industrial Personal Computer Barcode Storage Management + Scanner
Tool Recycling cabinet Additional Cabinet
Camera Displaying At Gate Camera Recording At Gate
Tool Catcher (lifting & unloading type) Adding 3-lane Layer or 5-lane Layer
Cutting Tools Plastic Storage Box Maximum Storage (type):75 - 125
Maximum Expansion (number of layer):25 Maximum Expansion (number of cabinet):50
CAMPO reserves the right to modify the specifications without further notice.