• CPV-B/
    • Constructed with high quality cast iron and heat treated to relieve stress thereby assuring maximum rigidity and accuracy.
    • Box ways on 3 axes greatly upgrade stability and dampening capability.
    • Automatic lubrication unit with intelligent pressure failure detection function provides reliable supply for saving cost and for environmental protection.
    • Oil-coolant separation design which meets the environment protection requirements allows centralized collection for slide ways oil.
Standard accessories
8,000 rpm spindle speed (spindle taper #40) / 6,000 rpm spindle
speed (taper #50) Rigid tapping
Auto. power off Spindle air blast
Spindle oil cooler Auto. lubrication system
Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet Pre-tensioned ball screws on 3 axes
Fully-enclosed splash guard
Optional accessories
10,000 rpm spindle speed (taper #40) 6,000 / 8,000 / 10,000 rpm spindle speed (taper #50)
Chip conveyor or chip screw conveyor with bucket TH 4 -axis preparation or rotary table package
2-stage ZF gear box or Japanese made gearhead spindle Deep hole adaptor
Coolant through spindle High pressure coolant pump
Chip flushing device Auto. tool length measurement
Air condition Linear scales
CE modification Transformer
X axis travel mm 850
Y axis travel mm 530
Z axis travel mm 530
Spindle nose to table surface mm 100~630
Spindle center to column surface mm 590
Table dimension mm 950 × 530
Max. loading weight kg 800
Spindle motor kw 7.5 / 11
Spindle speed rpm 8,000
Spindle taper type 7/24 taper No.40
No. of tools - 24
Max. tool weight kg 7
Max. tool length mm 250
Max. tool diameter mm Ø80
Tool diameter (Adjacent empty) mm Ø150
Tool change time (Tool to Tool) sec. 2.5
Tool change time (Chip to Chip) sec. 6
Rapid feedrate (X/Y/Z) m/min 20 / 20 / 20
Cutting feedrate m/min 10,000 (393.69 ipm)
Floor plan (W×D) mm 2,700 × 2,600
Machine weight kg 6,000
Max. machine hight mm 2,900
Power capacity KVA 20
CAMPO reserves the right to modify the specifications without further notice.