Cherish every opportunity to provide professional service
Regular rigorous training of staff, compliance with the ISO certified service process. To bring maximum benefits to our clients, our pre-sales service, product development process and after-sales service are all ISO certified to provide a comprehensive service process.
  • Sales and product
    development stages
    During the sales and product development stages, we explore and identify the customers’ exact requirements through consultations. With the help of our huge database, we then shortlist and suggest for them the most suitable machine tools to be used as basic prototypes for subsequent product development.
  • Instant Troubleshooting
    and E-Management
    We electronically manage all machine records. Our huge database captures the maintenance data of each machine, is capable of instant trouble shoot online and reminds users to carry out machine maintenance in a timely fashion. We pioneered the "maintenance car" that is equipped with a complete set of tools and inspection instruments to help our clients save time spent on traveling to and fro, and offer them a flexibility that caters to their needs, "anytime, anywhere".
  • Provides the Latest
    Teaching Information
    Educational trainings or information sharing are organized on an occasional basis to share the latest technical information, including tutorials on updated spare parts, training courses on maintenance and technical support, seminars and tutorials on new materials and construction methods, briefing sessions on programming, process improvement assistance and the latest product information for customers etc.

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